Beauty: It’s All About Her!

Photo Credits: 1. 2010 Harper’s Bazaar,  2008 JAH, 3. Beautiful Prom Hairstyles, 4. Classic girls

She’s like no other… No doubt about it! Jennifer Aniston, the star actress, the celebrity, the hottest single, the funny girl… we all know her and love her. One thing that has gained even more attention over the years, other than her lean physique and charming attitude, is most definitely her hair. Ms. Aniston epitomizes classic beauty… and her never-changing golden locks have been amazed globally. Apart from sporting a short look a couple of years ago and many more during her TV appearances at Friends, she has kept them long, feminine and straight, as if to underline how she likes things chic, neat and classic in her life. Fashion is a passion to us, as you know… but looking beautiful first and foremost comes from within. Jennifer Aniston knows who she is and is confident about herself from head to toe. You can do it too!

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