Who is Mr. Porter?

Photo Credits: 1. Trendycrew, 2. Stylesightins, 3. Styleclicker, 4. The Sartorialist

Is he a British gentleman? Is he a trendy art dealer? Is he a New York hipster or just the boy next door? Net-A-Porter is about to launch, Mr. Porter, their first online shop for men that will opt to style a variety of personas. Nathalie Massenet is thrilled with her new venture and has expressed that she’s “more excited about this than anything we’ve ever done”. Rightfully so… Add Net-A-Porter’s incredible customer experience with top brands, like Burberry, Lanvin, Balmain, Margiela, Rick Ownens and YSL and you’ve got a success story. The only downside we see? It’s going to be the end of retail… for men that is!

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