Inspiration: Halloween femme fatale

cleopatra costumeThe Cleopatra

vampire costumeThe Vampire

catwoman costume

The Catwoman

nun costume The Nun

Photo Credits: 1. Tig-fashion, 2. The glamourai, 3. Booted up, 4. Trendland

It’s this time of year again… when Halloween is around the corner and we all have tons of party occasions to get all dressed up for! The question is what to wear and how can we enjoy the process without killing the fun mood by trying to be the most original… Our thoughts are pick a costume that is classic, timeless, but also good on you…  Halloween parties have become notorious for the-baring-more-skin and masquarading-less fashion choices with Ricky’s being the signature go-to-guide for quick last-minute shopping.  We say focus on quality and custom picks from your wardrobe… Above are some of the most intriguing women to turn yourselves into, as the festive weekend approaches…  Stay tuned for a Halloween special week long blog posting!

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