Downtown Chic

The downtown style doesn’t necessarily mean less tailored! It is a lifestyle choice and girls adopting this persona not only enjoy themselves by experimenting on new things, but also they usually end up being the fashion risk takers and hence, trend setters! Wearing heels from day till dawn is a given. If you’re up for it… try balancing the look with some casual pants, like these loose track pants from KAIN and a killer red tote, as our fave Givenchy.

Top Picks: 1. Miu Miu pumps, 2. RM by Roland Mouret top, 3. Current/Elliot Jacket, 4. Givenchy red nightingale bag, 5. KAIN track pants, 6. Alexander Wang Zipper Sunglasses

Photo Credits: Black Eiffel, Wow, Roger Neve

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