Thakoon times two

This Thailand-born designer took New York fashion scene by storm in 2004, as he dressed Michelle Obama in one of his printed dresses. Since then, Thakoon has become a household name in fashion and adorned by the likes of Sienna Miller, Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Jessica Parker. His collections always combine the element of luxury and menswear structure with an end result that of timeless elegance! So with this level of appreciation, we were delighted to see that our beloved Thakoon adapted to the new tight budgetty world and launched in 2009, a more affordable line addressed to the young and hip fashion lovers, the Thakoon Addition label.

Top Picks: 1. Thakoon Addition Cropped pants, 2. Thakoon Addition Silk top, , 3. Thakoon Draped dress, 4. Alexander Wang shoes,  5. Thakoon draped collar coat

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