New Year’s Resolutions

NETROBE’s New Year’s Resolutions for your closet and an ever classic, fashionable wardrobe. . .

1. Clean up and tidy your closet once a month!

lavender scent-closet scent

2. Buy new scents every season to keep your clothes fresh and the moths away. . . There are some great scented sachets at L’Occitane that do the trick!

3. Organise your closet by items first and then by colors. When they get all mixed up. . . take some time to re-organise!

4. Switch location of items and change your visibility, when you feel you are in a style slump! Chances are that you have the most common problem. . . you forget what you own!

5. It’s important to have a uniform look in your closet! Invest in good hangers, replacing the old wire ones with those from the Container Store!

6. As much as we love the high-street’s finds, the items should not be considered collector’s pieces! Make sure the ones left unworn to send them to Goodwill. . .

7. Your wardrobe reflects your personality, don’t be afraid to let it mature with you. . . If you are still wearing your high-school’s fashion, we say it’s time for a change!

8. Sign up on NETROBE and soon you will be able to have your online closet and manage your clothes easily anywhere and anytime!

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