Power leggings

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Yes! We love them! Leggings are fun. . . whatever Perez Hilton says! The sequined leggings may be so 2009, when Les Chiffoniers got into the scene those silver shiny disco-bally ones, but Blake Lively brought them back with a pair of Isabel Marant, as she ringed the New Year in Las Vegas. . . We think she looks phenomenal! And then comes, Queen B wearing her studded Deréon ones, just in case you forgot she has a fashion label too! So, whether Lindsay Lohan’s 6126 line ever became a success or not, leggings are here to stay. . . and they get more fashionable by the minute. If you feel like bringing 2009’s sexy sequins back, we have picked out the best ones for you that are still available. . .

dereon-6126 by lindsay lohan-halston

Top Picks: 1.Hue Sequin leggings, 2. 6126 by Lindsay Lohan leggings, 2. , 3. Halston jersey leggings, 4. Yes to sequins leggings

Photo Credits: Blake Lively via Fashionfoiegras, Chanel Iman via Stylefrizz, Beyonce via Popsugar, Rihanna via WWD

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