Blondes like it short

Kate Bosworth

Kristin Cavalleri

Emmys 2010January Jones

Jennifer Aniston

Hayden Panettiere

Heidi Klum


Oh! How much we love hairstyles! Especially sleek, elegant and youthful hairstyles, like this short haircut seen on many of our favorite stars. A bob-cut or a short hairstyle looks incredible on blondes especially, as it breaks the youthful color and upgrades you to a more sophisticated you. This haircut suits all ages and can be worn straight for a formal look or let loose for a playful look. Jennifer Anniston just graduated from “The Rachel” hair-do and she had hers cut. . . If that doesn’t make this look officially a trend, then what does?


Photo Credits: January Jones via The Makeup Girl, Jennifer Aniston via Beauty&Style, Hayden Panettiere via Haironthebrain, Heidi Klum via Mylifetime

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