New Season Sandals


It’s transition time ladies. . . As soon as the cold days are gone, you’ll be rushing to bring out your sandals to pair them with that flowery dress you just had to buy in January or the skinny jeans that you love, but can’t bear to wear them any longer with your knee-high boots. We feel you. . . It’s the same story every year! In order to look chic though, you have to actually own those transitional-type of sandals. . . What do we mean exactly? Well, the ones you wore last year for instance and are completely worn out, won’t do and you can’t wear the super delicate and summery ones either! But don’t fret! Here is the short-list of the best sandals out there that will get you through the first sunny spring days and they’re all from Net-a-porter! Catch them, before they go!

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