The Ralph Lauren Man


1. White Shirt, 2. Wool Suit, 3. Knit Tie, 4. Cap-Toe Shoes, 5. Silk Handkerchief


1. Chambray Tie, 2. Cotton Shirt, 3.Bomber Jacket, 4. Cotton Chinos 5. Driver Shoes, 6. Leather Belt


1. Cotton Shirt, 2. Stripped Bow Tie, 3. Leather Belt,  4. Cashmere Sweater, 5. Suede Boots, 6. Denim Jeans


The Ralph Lauren man is someone we love dearly. . . Maybe, because he oozes style, confidence and self-worth, but also he inspires stability and strength in a sophisticated way. There are numerous styles and versions of the Ralph Lauren man, but we have highlighted some of the classic looks, with a twist of course. . . for you this spring. Now that Mr. Ralph Lauren and Mr. Porter are friends, we suggest you introduce yourself soon. . .

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