Spring Men

montblanc watch, spring suit, gucci wingtips, pocket square the tie bar, tiffany&co tie bar

Polo Ralph Lauren tie-Scarpe di Bianco Shoes-Armstrong and Wilson-Montblanc watch

Polo Ralph Lauren shirt-Ralph Lauren Black label tie-Leather gloves by Wilts and Willard

scarpe de bianco shoes-brooks brothers tie


As much as women love fashion, there’s usually a secret envy about how easy it comes with men on that department. Two to three suits, a number of shirts, a few pair of shoes and that’s called a wardrobe! They may get a bit creative in the tie department and that is often heavily contributed by presents coming from girlfriends, mothers and friends. The reality is though that men, who dress well and ooze style, have perhaps an equal amount of items with women in their closets and apply what they own according to circumstance and season. Those men are the ones that have updated their suits to a lighter tone this spring. . . Lighter fabrics, pastel colors and navy suits, light colored shirts or colorful stripes and knit ties. Get the style. . .


Photo Credits: The Style Blogger

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