In Thom Filicia Fashion

1. Alexander Wang tank top, 2. Pendant necklace, 3. Denim Shorts, 4. Bikini, 5. strappy sandals, 6. Ralph Lauren Tote

1. Drawstring Trousers, 2. Neck Sweater, 3. Canvas Espadrilles, 4. Sunglasses, 5. Cotton Shirt


Gracia House

Gracie Square

1. Cotton-blend jacket, 2. Silk Clutch, 3. Leather Dress, 4. lace cuff, 5. Gucci Sandals, 6. Drop Earrings

1. Crew Neck T-Shirt, 2. Belted Chinos, 3. Stripped Sweater, 4. Green Sunglasses, 5. Driving Shoes


Thom Filicia is the quintessential American designer of our times. . . and happens to be a true favorite! He opts for classic simplicity with an unexpected, modern flair. Need we say any more? We can see him easily venturing into fashion design and creating a glamorous yet smart living lifestyle label. As Thom’s rooms have warmth and color, we thought to replicate this in fashion as well. . . for him and her.

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