The summer belt

preppy shorts-vineyard vines

men white pants with blue anchors-preppy look

crochet belt-men-light blue trousers

Mens belt-tan leather belt-white pants

leather belt corneliani-linen beige pants-men

Gucci belt


We get it, men do not do fashion. . . as much as women do. More importantly, they don’t do trends! At least some of them do. . . Regardless of that, it’s always good to freshen up your look and switch things up a bit! What we think should be part of every guy’s suitcase this summer is a fun and thin belt. From the streets to the runway, we saw thin belts styled by men as a perfect accessory! Catch the last ones left, before they go. . .


1. Polo Ralph Lauren blue braided belt, 2. Blue Ralph Lauren cotton rope belt, 3. Kiel James Patrick Croffix Sailing belt, 4. Salvatore Ferragamo leather belt , 5. Manieri blue smooth leather belt, 6. Beige YSL leather belt


Photo Credits: Stockholm Streetstyle,

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