Braid it up, fabulous!

black braids

braids full head

Soft braids

girl in braided up do


Summertime is when we let our hair loose most of the time. . . We either letting them blow-dry free or sporting a wet look. It’s during the summer though that we have the most interesting social invitations. Beautiful destination weddings to go to, fashion events and beach parties that could be a great excuse for a more charming hairdo! So if we had to chose, the braided updo is our latest favorite. For more dramatic results start braiding (or let someone do it for you ideally) from the very top. Keep the braids tight to achieve a sharp fashionable look or have them loosely braided for a more romantic result! In any case, it is a dreamy choice to make you feel more special this summer! Now, would you braid yours?


Photo Credits: Weheartit, The fashion house

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