Hair Statement


Green turban-House of Dereon-Spring campaign 2010

Blonde girl with tropical flowers-beauty-summer hair


We are right in the heart of the summer. . . and if you aren’t already in a hot destination, you’re big getaway is right around the corner! We say. . . celebrate this moment! You’ve been working or studying all year long, so now is the time to be playful and a bit more unique in your fashion sense. The perfect way to upgrade your summer look is with a statement headpiece. The turban is the most daring by far, but also our favorite. If this look is too much for you, head for a flower hairband or just tie a scarf around your hair wearing them down or in a ponytail. Isn’t it nice to be different at times and really utterly girly?


1. Topshop green turban, 2. Hermès Silk twill scarf, 3. Eugenia Kim headband, 4. Topshop pink bow headband, 5. Hermès silk scarf

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