Introducing Netrobe’s iPhone app and how to use it


So it’s here. . . are long-awaited iPhone application, just in time for our Fall wardrobe cleaning! Haven’t you already forgotten about what you own for the new season that just started and most importantly have no idea what you need to buy? So do we. That’s why we thought that creating an online closet will be the easiest way to manage all this wardrobe chaos we have to deal with every year. Let’s just start by adding a few items on our mobile closet to show you how easy it is to do it yourselves.


Netrobe-background removal tool

Netrobe-how to add an item

See? Easy peasy! Now all you need to do is click on save and fill in the details of the item you just added.

Netrobe- iPhone application

Now that wasn’t so hard, right? Stay tuned for more how-to posts on how to easily add your items on NETROBE.


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  2. Clementine D Reply

    Thank you soooooo much for creating this app !
    I just discovered it few days ago, when thinking “how the hell could I get more aware of what I own and how could I enjoy more all my closet items ?…”
    You just gave me the answer and the perfect tool !
    I love it, thanks a lot !

  3. Sara Reply

    Help! i can’t get the app to work. It keeps freezing at the Connecting to Your Netrobe… page, and only loads about 30%.
    I have never been able to get past this stage! any tips?

    • NETROBE Comment Author Url Reply

      Thank you for reaching out! This bug is now fixed. We just sent you a support email with instructions on how to correct it.