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Briefcases are out. . . iPad and Laptop cases are in. Really. . . when was the last time you saw a guy carrying a briefcase? For some professions, it’s considered uncool and the next best thing to a case, you see a backpack that brings you back high-school memories. Since we always hope that these memories could stay in high-school, we are very much fond of this new men’s style evolution. A leather sleeve for the iPad or the laptop of choice can be the sleekest thing a man can wear other than his shirt. The Louis Vuitton iPad and laptop cases have dominated the streets, but we personally love the understated luxury leather of Bottega Veneta. Check out the rest of our top picks below.  Will you case it?

1. Bottega Veneta case | 2. Smythson leather case | 3. Cherchbi tweed case |

4. Coteetciel iPad sleeve | 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad case | 6. Louis Vuitton laptop case


Photo Credits: Tip Chic, Style of a guy, 77 tumblr, GQ street style

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