At home with The Decorista

At home with Ashlina-Laptop-bed-Carrie Bradshaw-Sex and the City

Ashlina Kaposta-Macbook-blogging-interior design blog-surfing

Deciding what to wear-fur coat-sequin dress-spike heels

hermes-birkin bag-netrobe-paris-tour eiffel

netrobe-The Decorista-Ashlina Kaposta blogger

Heels with spikes-The Decorista-Ashlina Kaposta

Ashlina Kaposta for Netrobe-perfume tray-chanel purse

Netrobe at The Decorista's home

Statement rings


Our love for fashion and closets goes hand in hand with our passion for interior design and that’s why we have been a big fan of The Decorista blog for a while now. Miss Decorista herself, Ashlina Kaposta, let us get a sneak peak of her personal interiors style in her Upper West Side apartment in New York and have a glimpse of her wardrobe. We fell in love with her style instantly, as this LA-raised beauty has brought a sunny Californian air to the city, with her Kim Kardashian looks and her attention to detail. Ashlina has discovered the importance of investing in classic pieces and what loves about New York the most is its vintage shopping. She has a great eye for things and can blend vintage jewelry with a casual piece perfectly to dress up her outfit. Ashlina is also a true romantic . . . with the framed snapshots of Paris that she has shot herself and her beautiful daily blog, she reminded us of a modern Carrie Bradshaw. . . living in the city and making it all happen!

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