Anna Dello Russo – The Fashion Queen


She is extravagant, flamboyant and inspirational but most off all she is passionate about fashion. She has been described by Helmut Newton as ‘a fashion maniac’ and she makes the street model of the most eccentric pieces made by Balmain, Valentino and Philip Treacy. She doesn’t hesitate to declare that ‘gold is her new black’ whereas she avidly collects fashion and jewelry. She is currently crowned the absolute star of the international fashion clique; this is Anna Dello Russo.

She gave up Milan as her base to be a citizen of the fashion world. Anna Dello Russo is currently the Editor At Large of Vogue Japan, an influential blogger through her portal AdR and an international fashion icon. Her biggest átout is her own amusing personality, which really takes the cake. She jokes in her thick Italian accent and it is so apparent that she enjoys every single minute of her fantastic fashion journey. Most important off all, AdR is not just a young, up and coming hipster who owes her sudden fame to her beauties and styled up appearences. The 48-year old fashion savvy is here to remain and inspire us all with her extraordinaire appearances in bold colors, sequins, trendy sunglasses, feathers and lots of accessories.

According to Anna Dello Russo: “My style is completely schizophrenic.  I can be feminine, sexy, over the top, masculine, androgynous. I see fashion as a way to play with your personality, to flirt with a part of yourself.  It’s like when you go on a date with someone.  You’re excited, you dress up, and you look phenomenal.  When you get dressed, you should always be dating someone.  Even if its just yourself.”


Photo Credits: TrendyCrew,, Stockholm street style

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