How to photograph your shoes on Netrobe

Shoes on stairs-Christian Louboutin ankle boots

It’s a shoes day today. . . We need to upload all of our winter shoes in our Netrobe closet pronto! How else we are going to be able to marvel at our shoe collection, let alone be able to dress smarter? Yup we know, there’s plenty of work to do. . . you have boots, ankle boots, peep-toes, sandals, wedges. . . and the list goes on! Well, wonderful! Don’t you want to document that precious collection of yours? We do! We know though that plenty of shoes are not so easy to upload without their backgrounds. They are tricky. . . We’ve dealt with such cases and here’s to show that its possible, if you take into account a few tricks we have up our sleeves.


Black spiked Christian Louboutin peep-toe pumps


Starting with the trickiest shoe of them all. . . a spiked pair of black Christian Louboutin peep-toes, you can see how to add them on your closet without showing the background. Snap a picture of the pair in a light colored surface. If the soles of the shoe are white and you want to keep them in the photograph. . . taking the picture with flash might help significantly.


Christian Louboutin shoes


Now it’s background removal time! Try the automagic tool – looks like a boxed circle – and if that swipes out all the details for you, go deeper in detail. Try the crop tool next. Pick a point with your finger and circle around the item you want to focus on. The rest of the unselected area will be removed completely. If you’re not good at circling the item, try selecting four points around it to create a box.



Finally, we’re getting there. Selecting the wand tool will give you the final perfect results. Pay attention to detail in this process for better results. Slowly start selecting the unwanted background and save often.



Finally, enter the item’s details and save! Ta-da! You’re done. . . and look how good our shoes look too. Last tip we’d like to give you is. . . in order to create that perfect vanity shoe closet, place your shoes to point towards the same direction always. They will look so much better. Think of your clothes like having your personal Net-A-Porter inventory to photograph and style. They have to look professional right?

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