Pink Sunday

In a very Parisian and girlie mood today. . . Sundays are best enjoyed at a long brunch with friends, while trying to unwind from the week’s worries and constant rush. Today though the atmosphere is very uplifting. . . We are still on lazy morning mode. . . stretching out the breakfast routine, thinking of getting beautiful roses or peonias for the house. Might even stop by for some macaron later on. In the meantime admiring these pink and feminine touches for a winter wardrobe. Wouldn’t a pink pair of trousers be divine this year to break the norm? These pink trousers worn by Blake Lively in the Gossip Girl set is a true inspiration. We’ll commence a search part and keep you all informed. . . Till then, enjoy your Sunday!

Photo Credits: Weheartit, Tumblr, Stylepage


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  2. ladyclasic Comment Author Url Reply

    I love that trend, and I’m very Parisian too!! I’m in love with the dress on the sixth picture! I love it :)

  3. NETROBE Comment Author Url Reply

    So are we… we’re on a real hunt for something like it!