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Today we got invited to take a sneak peak of another New York wardrobe and the host, PeggyAnn McDonnell is utterly charming, clean-cut and full of personality. So much so that she is the creator and editor of Cecil Guy and Peggy Ann Tumblrs. See what she has to say about her closet.

NR: Hello Peggy! You’re a photographer by profession, New Yorker by location and Tumblrer by passion. Seems that expression suits you. Do you like expressing yourself by what you wear too?

PM: Of course. What I wear expresses who I am on a basic aesthetic level.

NR: How do you define the perfect wardrobe?

PM: I’d say the perfect wardrobe could be described as quality over quantity. It’s how you put your pieces together that matters most.

NR: How do you keep things organized?

PM: In my closet, I organize hanging pieces by priority. I don’t do it by color or type of garment like some people; I just have an un-orderly order that I know by heart.

NR: How long does it take you to come up with an outfit? What’s your style mantra?

PM: It really depends on the day. When I wake up, sometimes it will just come to me and I can throw something great together (pieces I’ve never worn for example) super fast. Other days, perhaps I have work then dinner then a party, it becomes more time consuming. Trying to figure out something appropriate for everything I have to do that day can be tricky.

NR: Who’s your fashion icon?

PM: To be honest, I’ve never thought about a singular person being my style icon. I derive influence from so many sources (many blogs). As for celebs, Kate Bosworth is pretty effortless.

NR: Favorite fashion designers?

PM: Robert Clergerie for shoes. Marni is ideal. Alexander Wang. I have a secret “mom brand” I go to for sweaters because I could guaranteed be the only girl with one.

NR: Ha! Sounds intriguing. . . You blog about men’s style. How come? Is there a particular style you prefer mostly?

PM: I’ve always been interested in menswear, so I decided to do something with my thoughts and ideas on the matter. I wouldn’t say I prefer a specific style. I think my tastes in menswear are pretty parallel with my taste in womenswear—simplicity and quality is key.

NR: Where do you usually shop?

PM: Sample sales.

NR: What items are usually on display and most accessible in your closet?

PM: Things that I wear the most – sweaters right now.

NR: How would you define the style of your New York closet?

PM: Simple and layered with a great shoe. Almost everything I own is a solid color.

NR: Thanks Peggy for the sneak peak. Loved it! 


Photo Credits: Keith Telfeyan for NETROBE

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