Aaron Young, The artist

One thing’s for sure. . .  it’s real easy to recognize talent when you see one, simply because talent shines. When it comes to Aaron Young, talent isn’t the only asset at his disposal. He has the looks, charm and style to make his presence established not only in the art world but also in the fashion intelligentsia. As far as his artistic perception goes, Aaron Young is an aesthetician; he turns acts of masculine aggression into objects of fragile sophistication. He expresses himself through paintings, sculpture, video, photography and installations and his works can be found in galleries all around the globe.  As far as style is concerned, his long-time girlfriend Laure Heriard Dubreuil, owner of the Miami boutique The Webster (recently opened in New York as well), plays a significant role in Young’s fashionable ensembles, while his acquaintances include fashion’s most prominent figures, such as Tom Ford and Alber Elbaz. As a frequent fashion-party attendee, he ranges from formal to casualwear always with an artistic yet sophisticated twist giving us inspiration to create this day to night outfit (below), ideal to accompany you to your driving-home-for-Christmas experience. . .

1. Yves Saint Laurent 2. American Vintage 3. Balmain 4. Ralph Lauren 5. J.Crew 6. Givenchy 7. John Varvatos 8. The Elder Statesman


Photo Credits: Zimbio, Interview, myartspace, according2g, theSelby, saatchi, Wmagazine, 10magazine, style.com, kontraplan, billyfarrellangency, purple

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