Getting Redy



Charlotte Olympia


Donna Karan – Resort 2012


Anya Hindmarch 





Gucci’s Red Lips


Valentino Garavani book


The red pants


Victoria’s Secret pajamas

This week it’s all about collecting the red pieces we are missing and so utterly in need of them for the holidays. . . Each day of the week has a red target we have to hit! So go get’em. . .

 * If you’re like us, you have probably been dying to get a pair of Charlotte Olympia to decorate your shoe wall of fame. . . but for some reason resisted until you find that one of a kind pair. Well, this is it ladies. . . say hello to red excellence!

* This image has stuck in our heads ever since we first saw glimpses of the Resort 2012 collection, Donna Karan has perfected the Little Red Dress this season. So why wait for resort? Let’s ring the New Year en rouge!

*Have you looked around? It’s the glitter holiday year. . . and why not taking it up a notch by adding red to this holiday’s most wanted glitter clutch? Anya Hindmarch gets it!

* The beauty shops are filled with the red lipsticks. . . so you won’t have a problem getting the right one for you! What we need most of the time is inspiration for how to wear them and the Gucci pulled back hair look from Spring/Summer 2011 collection is our favorite of them all!

* A must-read-gift-have fashion coffee table book complete with the greatest collections of Valentino Garavani. . . a true great italian story!

* Lauryna’s Red Shoes Blog has an eye for all things red and we loved how she captured the best street style red pants out there. . . No need to tell you it’s the hottest red item in a girl’s wardrobe!

* Finally time to unwind and take it easy. . . These days staying in and wearing flannel pyjamas is the secret faved pastime. So try wearing the Victoria’s Secret ones, which at least will make you feel like a model!

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