Pied de poule

black and white-arm party-silver bracelets

After some years of absence the “pied de poule”  is back in vogue!  This black and white pattern is the synonyme of Chanel elegance and luxury, as the jackets and coats of the brand are a best-seller. . . This fall, many designers such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Yves Saint Laurent and of course Chanel, revived the trend and gave it a more modern twist. Our latest obsession though are the chic accessories, shoes, clutches, scarves and even tights. This look is timeless,  so it’s sure that you will find a “pied de poule” item in your mother’s closet. Mix it with up -to-date items and follow the trend!

Photo Credits: Vogue.com, Style.com, Passion and Fashion

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