Pre-holiday bootcamp

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Chanel Snowboard




This week is all about prepping up before the holiday season. . . and by prepping we don’t mean only Xmas shopping for dresses or gifts, but detoxing for the big all-nighters. Here’s the lowdown. . .
* There’s a new kid on the detox dieting blog. . . and it’s not another juice detox. The Sakara Life gals are two gorgeous New York blondes, Whitney Tingle and  that created the whole food cleansing diet with fresh veggies delivered at your door. Pairing that up with private yoga sessions, personal nutrition consultations and Yoga Nidra (yoga for the mind), Sakara Life is our first must-do before we hit Christmas.
* Part of shaping up before the holidays is hitting the gym too. . . and what better look than showing up at your training studio with these sick metallic Pierre Hardy trainers? They’ll lift up your look when you head after the session for lunch with your girls.
* Getting depressed of another year ending and. . . ehem. . . getting older? Decided to paint your wardrobe the flattering black from now on? Stop whining and look at 31 year old gazelle wonder woman, Gisele Bundchen how she rocks the body and the brights in this month’s British Vogue. If that isn’t enough inspiration for you, we don’t know what is!
* Alexander Wang pops some color. . . We love this yellow bright top for a cool casual look. You can dress it up in the evening too with some leather leggings and black booties.
* Beauty is always on our mind. . . especially when we’re exercising so much! A feel-good, rich, cream-to-foam cleanser by Korres wipes out all impurities keeping the face ready for the heavy weekend makeup.
* No plans for Xmas? Get proactive this year and book yourselves for you, your boyfriends or friends a sporty holiday. And if you manage to pull it off, make sure you stock up with some serious fashion gear. Like this Chanel snowboard. A bit much?
* Sunday is unwind time. . . Light up a candle – fresh from New York’s Bond Street and end your week in a zen mode. Namaste.

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