Serial Lover



1. All Saints | 2. Simon Spurr | 3. The Elder Statesman | 4. Bottega Veneta | 5. MCQ




1. Woolrich John Rich & Bros | 2. Damir Doma | 3. Officina Del Tempo | 4. Billy Reid



1. Nudie Jeans | 2. Gant by Michael Bastian | 3. Shipley & Halmos | 4. New Balance



1. Paul Smith | 2. Brioni | 3. Raf Simons | 4. Borsalino | 5. John Lobb | 6. Dunhill | 7. Hardy Amies



1. Pringle of Scotland | 2. Brooks Brothers | 3. Drakes London | 4. Black Fleece | 5. Balenciaga | 6. Ralph Lauren


GQ Italia and photographer Emilio Tini brought to us this sitcom – inspired editorial that depicts the ambience of America’s most popular TV series. We took it one step further and created a ‘get the look’ piece following the style of our favourite character from each show. . .

* True Blood: Alexander Skarsgard plays a thousand-year-old vampire in True Blood, his wardrobe however is fashionably up to date, with everything black adding to Eric Northman’s darkness.

* Dexter: Between a wife, three kids and a killing agenda, Dexter Morgan has quite a lot to fit in his cargo pants’ pockets and Michael C. Hall reminds us that a ‘killer’ body can look good in every attire.

* House MD: Despite all the grumpiness and sarcasm, Hugh Laurie and his Dr House impersonation found a way to the audience’s heart and featured high up in the sexy-TV-doctors list. Knowing the competition this sure is an achievement so we applaud him and his jeans-trainers combination.

* Mad Men: Ever since Mad Men hit the TV screens it has undoubtedly made an in impact on the course of fashion with Jon Hamm’s Don Draper gaining a place in the style icon hall of fame.  Be as dapper as Draper and start parading your suits around town.

* Glee: With Darren Criss’ looks and Blaine Anderson’s confidence you probably wouldn’t need a good voice to make an amiable TV character. His great voice though reveals a pop star on the rise and his preppy apparel a trend on demand.


Photo Credits: GQ italia, spoilertv, worldwidelove, bubble, amctv, deviantart

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