Captivated by . . . her closet!

Today, we got invited to take a sneak peak of a winter and cozy closet of the author of the blog ‘Captivated by Image‘. Cristel opened her wardrobe with enthusiasm for Netrobe, being one of the first fans of the app and shared with us her blogging secrets as well as her stylistic ideas for warm yet elegant winter days.


NR: Hello Christel! It’s such an honor having you on our blog. You’ve been a very successful blogger for a while now, writing for ‘Captivated by image’… How do you manage keeping your day job and have time to be so creative? 

C: I usually try to build in some ‘blogging-time’ in the evening, but often I sit down for it whenever I have a free moment. Sometimes I’ve already decided what to post in advance and in that case it takes me little time. If not, I dig into my files and let my mood decide what I feel like blogging.

NR: You have a remarkable sense of style and eye for all things beautiful. What’s your trick? Less is more or your attention to details? 

C: I don’t have any special tricks. There are a variety of things that attract my eye. Sometimes it’s one piece of clothing, furniture, décor or even one image that draws my attention because it has beautiful appearance. Either by its shape, detail or color, or in photography it’s often the light. Other times it’s the whole piece. I love things uncluttered; there shouldn’t be too much going on. However details are very important, they make the most interesting part. ‘Refined’ would probably be the quality needed for me to find something beautiful.

NR: How would you characterize your style in fashion? How often do you like to change it?

C: My style is mostly classic with a modern approach. I don’t like to change it much, but I do try to look versatile. I love to dress up but also am very comfortable wearing casual clothes.

NR: How do you define the perfect wardrobe?

C: The perfect wardrobe has many good quality basics. I’m thinking of a trench coat, a camel coat, beautiful jeans, a dress, pumps, high heeled boots, sandals, comfortable flats and leather bags. Then there should be a couple of great statement pieces, scarfs and other accessories in it to vary with the basics.

NR: You’re living near Amsterdam at the moment, are you mostly a city girl or a country girl?

C: Mostly a country girl. Generally I’m most comfortable in a peaceful, quiet surrounding but I love to stroll through big cities on a regular base to enjoy the diverse offerings of shops, café’s, restaurants and other facilities.

NR: What items are usually on display and most accessible in your closet?

C: The items of daily outfits are always hanging up front, so I can grab them quickly in the morning. I change what’s hanging and lying up front with the seasons. I keep occasional wear and my shoes in a different closet and I’ve a big drawer for my scarfs.

NR: Who are your style icons?

C: I don’t have any particular style icons. I’m influenced mostly by fashion with a feminine look, everything fashion related that passes my eyes on other blogs and websites and by what I see in magazines. I also love to see street style outfits.

NR: Where do you usually shop? 

C: Its rather diverse but I always like to have a look at Zara, Mango, H&M, De Bijenkorf (a Dutch warehouse) and I love discovering smaller, less familiar little shops with more unique clothing pieces.

NR: What’s your favorite items in your closet?

C: My dark camel winter coat from Laundry Industry, a Karen Millen checkered dress, my brown leather Fred de la Bretonniere bag, a nude leather Abro bag and a vintage dark blue printed scarf from my mother.

NR: What’s your favorite thing about Netrobe?

Capturing all your garments, cutting away the background and organizing them in groups. Its makes it much easier to keep in mind the things I have and inspires me to think of different combinations.  I feel like Alicia Silverstone in Clueless.

NR: Thank you Cristel for your time and your uplifting mood!

Photo Credits: Captivated by Image.


  1. Dawn {The Alternative Wife} Comment Author Url Reply

    Christel is the loveliest and has such impeccable style. Thank you for featuring her.

  2. Mika Reply

    Indeed Dawn, Cristel is amazing and her style so unique! Stay tuned for more closet discoveries!