Grunge it or Fake it

face-model-netrobe-black and white-portrait


Sometimes that dirty grunge look is so appealing even to the most preppy fashionistas. . . The allure of “the good girl gone bad” feeling that you get when you dress a little edgier, a little meaner . . . a little out of character. Of course there are the true grunge types that nail the look down to the tee on a daily basis out there. If you don’t belong in that band it’s hard to join them. . . So perhaps you could only fake it by adding a few signatures pieces to get the look. Besides the signature smokey eyes. . . or raccoon eyes for that matter. . . look for the vintage black leather jacket (the one featured below btw is a steal!) with some edge to it, the hoodie cardigan or sweater, the long beanie (Yes, you can wear that day or night. . . rockstar) and the statement wild jewelry. Just please don’t let your mom (or boyfriend in some cases) see you while you’re heading out the door now, will ya?






Photo Credits: Asos

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