10 Best Fashion Brands on Tumblr

Did you know that Tumblr has over 46.2 million blogs? Fashion has been quite late catching up with the digital world but now a lot of tech savvy brands and designers embrace the blogosphere to promote their products. Apart from building innovative websites, they also use Tumblr to express a more human side. We have selected the ten best fashion brands on Tumblr at the moment and we present you their easy going atmosphere. . .


Tory Burch’s tumblr or else Torypedia is one of our very favorite blogs as it combines minimal design, a few words and a collection of breathtaking photographs ranging from Cecil Beaton to Annie Leibovitz. Memories of the past with Grace Kelly, Bob Marley, Diana Vreeland and other mythical personalities pictured as everyday people together with Tory’s beloved flowers and pictures of her self. We love it because it is not just another promotional blog and it has her personal taste and aesthetics.



Oscar de la Renta often says that his inspiration is the anonymous girl on the street. Erika Bearman, director of communications for Oscar de la Renta, launched this tumblr under the same handle she uses for Twitter, @oscarprgirl, in December 2010. She puts greater emphasis on images — mainly vintage photographs of Oscar de la Renta and women wearing his designs — with the occasional short caption or quotation. Although the blog doesn’t interact with fans or re blogs from other sources, it doesn’t push merchandise and allows the visitor to daydream within Oscar’s design and inspiration.


J Crew’s website is a veritable treasure of style inspiration and the J.crew effect can be seen everywhere. In fact, J.Crew has one of the strongest brand images of any mass retailer today. Everyone knows what a J.Crew girl looks like. While its tagline “The (un)official J.Crew blogs” is a bit confusing, it’s been linked to on the brand’s retail site, the posts are created by known J. Crew employees and 770 Broadway is their corporate address—770 is just further confirmation of J. Crew’s unerringly spot on style. The Tumblr offers a peak inside the minds and closets of J. Crew staffers, including cute, weekly interviews with designers, copywriters and their pets!



Kate Spade’s tumblr shares beautiful visuals and posts everything inspirational. They extend their voice beyond their products and allow the visitors to discover where the team of Kate Spade gets inspiration from, as a way to further communicate that this is how they function as a brand, by drawing on inspiration from all these different sources. The “live colorfully” tag line is for women who aspire to live interesting lives. Clink in and you ‘ll see why!

While other fashion tumblrs remain a little too controlled, in avoiding to include other brands, Topshop always an innovative pioneer, Toshop has done quite the opposite!  The street style feed is amazing, where you can find all the new trends, famous bloggers and interesting combinations! They’re reblogging styles found on tumblr and snapping us away in the store, whilst connecting with influential fashion influencers! Topshop always makes the difference!




Opening Ceremony is the next hot brand to jump on the tumblr bandwagon, joining the likes of influential design houses and fashion personalities like Lady Gaga and Thierry Mugler. Inspirational pictures covering a whole range of different fashion subjects, street style pictures, all in this arty OC feeling that the brands expresses. Unique style and minimal aesthetics. A must bookmark!




Tibi’s tumblr is as unique as their prints! It’s all about what’s inspiring the brand right now shown in fun colorful collages. Run by Tibi PR, the site also posts useful tidbits, like sample sale alerts and sneak peeks on new collections and collaborations. The designer Amy Smilovic regularly publishes her current sartorial cravings and obsessions which are fun and give a human voice to the blog.

The header reads ‘when 140 characters are not enough’! DKNY has created a girly, romantic, yet modern tumblr with regular features on the blog including “To Do Lists,” behind the scenes content, personal anecdotes, recent tweets, reblogs and more of the now infamous DKNY PR girl, Aliza Licht. So far, dknyprgirl.com looks super cute and we can’t wait to see what she posts next. For your records, DKNY has won four of the eight awards presented at the last Fashion 2.0 Awards, which recognizes the top innovators in social media for the fashion world.


Juicy Couture’s tumblr is fun and pink! It covers a wide range of subjects, from fashion parties, to 3 ways to wear a Juicy Couture dress. Ad campaigns, inspirational photographs, editorials and quotes from famous people! Interviews and behind the scenes posts are very interesting a give us a touch with the brand’s feeling!

Stefano Gabbana quietly opened his microblog, after two years of Twitter with 85.000 followers and a demonstrated use of social networks, the direct and innovative approach from a celebrity that has been mentioned by Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo as an example of friendly communication in the world of luxury. Stefano Gabbana takes on the new challenge of using Tumblr.  “I’ve learned about it from my Twitter followers – explains Gabbana – and I gathered it could be nice to have a place where to put all the pictures and videos I post on Twitter”.

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