How to share your outfits and looks on NETROBE

Hello Everyone,

I’d like to thank you once again for loving and using Netrobe. For those of you, who are big fans of our iPhone application, I wanted to encourage you to share your style with your friends and followers. It’s fun keeping in track your looks and things that inspire you, but it’s even more exciting when your friends can take a sneak peek and comment on your outfits. Isn’t this so? So here’s how the sharing works now in our 1.12 version of the iPhone app.


Create an Outfit and select where you’d like to share it. . . Facebook, Twitter or email!

Posting the image on my Facebook timeline. . .

. . . which links to my personal page on Netrobe showcasing what items the outfit includes.

The best part? I get to create a personal board with all of my outfits! Cool, no?

board-sharing on facebook and twitter

You can do the same thing with your lookbooks too! Here’s a look of my collection. . . so I can always remember what looks inspire me and share my style with my friends.

So that’s how I do it! Feel free to add your comments and suggestions for our future development.

Lots of love,


Founder & CEO of Netrobe

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