Leather Forever by Hermès

Hermès celebrates this year its 175 anniversary and is about to organize one of the most iconic exhibitions, in London. ‘Leather Forever’ will feature some of the most famous designs of the house of Hermès and will also host some of the brand’s artisans, who will create the Kelly bag live!

The retrospective exhibition will inform visitors on the history of Hermès, which goes back to the 19th century when the house was famous for their equestrian equipment until today and the most iconic Hermès bags.

The exhibition will run from May 8 to 27, in the Royal Academy of Arts – Burlington Gardens and the entry is free. All the pieces that will be featured together with some Hermès gifts that the Duke of Windsor gave to Wallis Simpson will be auctioned with all proceeds donated to the Royal Academy of Arts.


Photo Credits: Luxist, Vogue, Hermes, Netrobe, Andrea Diamond


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    OMG Hermesbaseball gloves? I’ve never seen one!!

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