The Platinum

white blonde hair

Jaime King – “Lemon Breeland”

Scarlett Johansson


Gwyneth Paltrow

Kate Bosworth

We have really missed thinking about new hairstyles. . . don’t you think? Now that a new season is upon us and let’s face it we’re already thinking of summer, we’re simply planning ahead of a new look. The platinum look is surely an iconic one. . . and so easily misunderstood. If done wrong, it can be the reason of a really bad hair day – if not month. However, with a few things to consider. . . it can turn to a totally elegant and breezy look. So what are they? Simply and most importantly. . . keep your make up as soft as possible. Rule number 2? Never forget to style your hair. When going platinum, the “got out of bed” look doesn’t apply here. Otherwise, you’ll be looking more like Lindsay Lohan gone bad and less than Miss Lemon Breeland. Your choice of course. . .


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