A Tribute to the Galliano Era

Linda enavgelista by nick knight, fall 1997

carla bruni fall 1997 ready to wear

Naomi Campbell 1997,Linda evangelista 1998

shalom harlow, kate moss, Dior ad campaigns 1998

fall 1999 Dior couture show

bridgett hall by patrick demarchelier 1999, Dior ad campaign

Dior couture show, fall 2000

Gisele and Rhea Durham by nick knight, Dior ad campaign, spring 2000

Dior couture show, spring 2000

Dior Couture show, spring 2000

dior, fall 2001, spring 2001, ready to wear collection

angela lindvall and Karen elson by nick knight, dior ad campaign, spring 2001, fall 2001

Gisele by Nick Knight spring 2002, ad campaign

Dior couture show, Fall 2003, ballarinas

Dior couture show, Fall 2004, gipsy queens

Dior couture show fall 2004, dior ready to wear spring 2004

gisele by nick knight, fall 2004, dior ad campaign, monogram logo

dior coutire show, spring 2005, pirates

kate moss by nick knight, spring 2005, fall 2006, Dior ad campaigns

dior couture show, spring 2007, chinese traditional, madama butterfly

dior couture show, spring 2007

dior ready to wear spring 2008

dior couture show, fall 2008

dior coutire show, fall 2008

dior ready to wear fall 2009, back to the 60's classics

Karlie kloss by steven meisel, spring 2010 dior ad campaign

dior ready to wear spring 2011,

dior couture show, spring 2011, last show

dior couture show, last show, spring 2011

Oscar Wilde once said that ‘a work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament’, and there’s no better way to describe the multifaceted personality of John Galliano. The creative mind behind the House of Christian Dior for 15 consecutive years who revamped the brand, gave it another dimension and made it a worldwide synonym to luxury, got fired on 25 February 2011. He was video tapped being drunk and expressing anti-Semitic comments, in a Parisian bar. One year after the helm of Dior being empty, it was just announced that another multi talented designer, Raf Simons will take upon as a creative director of Dior. Enough said about the reasons Galliano got kicked out summarized in his strange personality which created problems and troubles within the business mindset. Controversially enough, this mindset itself relied on his genius, innovative, groundbreaking ideas to become what we call Dior today. Yes, along the way there were problems as well, as in all long lasting relationships, even professional ones. Galliano is an artist who wants to seduce, not a businessman whatsoever. Unacceptable on his behalf to express such opinions on the social and political stardom, given his open minded and  free nature, but an artist only remains truthful to his own passions. Whether a moment of bad luck, Galliano was and will remain one of the best fashion designers up to date, the one who gave theatrical essence to fashion and to fashion some humor. A guilty conscience needs to confess and his work of art will be his confession. We are waiting for his sequel. . .!

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