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Aristos Migliaressis-Phocas is an internationally acclaimed interior designer, committed to creating glamorous and timeless interiors. Through his London based company, A.M.P. Interiors Ltd, he offers a sophisticated approach to interior decoration characterized by bespoke and tailor made design solutions. With a portfolio of prestigious high-end residential and commercial projects, luxury yacht interiors and customized furniture design, Aristos is one of the industry’s much sought after young talents. Visit his website here for some inspiration or why not even contact him to make your luxury dreams come true…?

NR: When and how did you get interested with interior design?

AMP: I grew up in a very creative environment. My mother being an interior designer herself was a true inspiration in shaping who I am today. From a very young age I learnt to admire the beauty of the ‘old’ and appreciate the imagination of the ‘new’. Something I like to draw into my designs – an eclectic mix of styles and periods as I call it. Even though I started my career in the City working for UBS Global Asset Management, I then moved on to study Interior Design at the University of the Arts. After working for renowned architects and interior designers in London, I setup my company A.M.P. Interiors in 2010 leveraging my business background into the creative industry.

NR: What was your first project?

AMP: My first project was a penthouse apartment in Athens.

NR:What are you working on right now?

AMP: I am currently working on a couple of residential projects in London and I am pitching for a big project in Serbia.

NR: When did you start running your own business?

AMP: I set up A.M.P. back in 2010.

NR: NHow do you define your personal interior aesthetics?

AMP: Sophisticated with a touch of Hollywood glamour – ‘Nouveau Chic’.

NR: What’s your relationship with fashion?

AMP: I very much believe that fashion trends influence the way we live; hence the spaces we live in. I look at the fashion masters for the latest trends in color, patterns, shapes and textures.

NR: What are the essentials that every modern house should have?

AMP: Soul and character are prime. Other than that…something old, something new and something blue. Blue is my favorite color!

NR: Do you prefer working in apartments or houses?

AMP: I enjoy both. Size doesn’t necessarily determine the scale or depth of a project. For me it’s more about creating something interesting, current and timeless that reflects the client’s personality and adapts well to its environment.

NR: It seems that we have crossed the era of industrial and minimal design. What is the trend right now in interior design?  
AMP: There is a lot of mid-century references in today’s interiors with bold colors and symmetrical patterns. A resurgence of art deco adapted to modern lifestyle.
NR:Where does your inspiration come from?
AMP: My travels. I travel a lot both for business and pleasure. The past six months alone found me in Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Sydney, Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Milan and Athens. Getting to know the world we live in and meeting interesting people along the way is an infinite source of inspiration and creativity.

NR: Do you have any style icons?

AMP: I love Ralph Lauren’s elegance, Tom Ford’s glamour and sophistication and Miuccia Prada’s understanding and use of colors.

NR: Share with us some of your favorite shops in London?

AMP: Birgit Israel on the Fulham Road, Lamberty on Pimlico Road and Guinevere on the King’s Road, all in London.

NR: Any secret to give a luxurious essence to our dressing room or
walking closet?

AMP: A mirror by Simpsons, a light by Porta Romana and a silk rug
from the Rug Company will add a touch of luxury.

NR: What’s your favorite thing about Netrobe?

AMP: It’s a styling organizer!


Photo Credits: AMP Interiors

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