How to upload your Dresses on your online closet

So this is what went down this past weekend. . .  As I’m fully embracing the arrival of summer soon, I thought that I’d take my spring cleaning to another level! A serious one! Which means. . . any trace of winter clothing must disappear, as it’s clogging my summer wardrobe and blocking me from looking fashionable this season. Don’t you get that too? So this is the point where although spring clothes have entered my closets, I have to go through a serious clean up and start packing my winter black dresses away and so on and so forth. If you’re like me you’ve already forgot what your summer dresses even look like and bringing them all back in order is a huge undertaking. One lovely way to sort this little problem out is by documenting your clothes. . . and by documenting I mean photographing! Yes, a lot of you told me you do this already – it’s the Polaroid photoshoot shoebox effect. Well now. . . here comes NETROBE! The app that lets you upload your clothes on virtual Polaroids and helps you remember what you own.

So here’s my how-to guide on how you can upload your dresses with the best results!



So on to the process now. . . I spent most of my Saturday and Sunday cleaning up my closet and sorting out my dresses. . . only to realize that my favorite thing to upload on NETROBE are just that – my dresses! If you’ve played with the app, you might have tried other items and some may have seemed to be a harder task to crack. It’s all a matter of process though. . . and discovering the tricks to take the best pictures. I found out a spot in my room that has a white background and hang my first dress for its first photoshoot. I snapped and I scored!

The background was removed instantly and it didn’t even affect my dress’s silver fringe. The flash takes all the credit for that one!

And now? Just hit save! See? Easy peasy! Your dress is saved on a virtual Polaroid.

And just for fun. . . take a look at my other dresses uploaded! Hope you get to enjoy the process too! It’s super fun and addictive. . . I must say!

– Kisses, Christina

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