In Tabitha Simmon’s closet

Tabitha Simmons, stylist and shoe designer is our latest obsession! We love her shoes, and now we are so glad to meet the woman behind the gorgeous soles. Tabitha opens her home and her fabulous closet, and prooves that her amazing desings are a true reflection of her character. Are you ready to take a tour?

Her custom made closet!!

Tabitha Simmons mostly wears her own shoes but tries to  switch it up and wear other brands. She keeps them organized by season and swithes out the ones she doen’t need. It’s important to be organized!

These are Tabitha’s favorite shoes inspired by a classic Liberty print. She wears the ‘Baileys’ with a chiffon printed dress and clash the prints and the flowers, and the dolly heels with jeans,  cut-off shorts, capris or dresses.

She got into designing shoes when she used to consult on designer lines, and the interest grew from there. Tabitha gets inspired from so many different things, from her chandelier at home to Victorian jackets.

Running Shoes, Nike – All Heels, Tabitha Simmons

Tabitha is not only a heels girl, she loves flats too!

Purple Shoes, Alexander McQueen; All Other Shoes, Tabitha Simmons

Shoes again!

These are four of  Tabitha Simmon’s favorite dresses. The bird-print dress is by Carolina Herrera, and she wore it to her mother’s wedding recently. The other three  Balenciaga dresses are staple in her summer and winter wardrobes. She always pull one of them out if she is not sure what to wear. Smart!

The corset is Dolce&Gabbana, a gift from the designers after the first show she worked on for them. Tabitha usually wears it with a black men’s suit. The sneakers are “stolen” from Meredith Melling Burke at Vogue and she loves them as the are all white.

 L to R Shoes: Nike, Tabitha Simmons

This Alexander McQueen suit is her favorite.The skirt is a gift from her husband, and then Tabitha bought the jacket to match!

Tabitha bought this CHANEL bag from Heathrow Airport. Gorgeous!

Stud Bracelet, Anita Ko; Silver Necklace and Black Bracelet, Eddie Borgo

 The chandelier shoe was in her tap-dancing video and Tabitha was so happy watching it come alive!

Shoes, Tabitha Simmons

An Alexander McQueen leather corset, that Tabitha Simmons wears over chiffon dresses.

Jacket ,CHANEL

This is her anti-ballerina flat, since she couldn’t wear them anymore and needed something newer!

Shoes, Tabitha Simmons

Tabitha was a big fan of Alexander McQueen and feels very proud  to have been a part of a couple of his shows.

Dress, Alexander McQueen

That Givenchy show was one of her favourites. She wore this Givenchy outfit to a screening of La Dolce Vita; sometimes she wears it with an American Apparel sweatshirt on top.

This shoe style has been really popular and many celebrities love  it. Tabitha Simmons keeps on repeating it because it can be interpreted in so many different ways and it always seems to work!

A vintage jacket coupled with a Dolce&Gabbana.. Tabitha begged Domenico for it!

Tabitha is not a big fan of suglasses as she always losts them  but these Tom Ford are gorgeous!

Tabitha loves red dresses! The red and gold dress was from Alexander McQueen’s last collection. The red sequined Dolce& Gabbana dress was bought at Fashion’s Night Out . The red and black heart dress is vintage and when she wears it she feels like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland!

Dress, Alexander McQueen

Parcelain skulls made by artist Katsuyo Aoki.

Shoes, Tabitha Simmons

The “Beatle” boots. Tabitha loves them as they can be worn with everything, from jeans to floral dresses. Their style is gothic as is Tabitha’s inner self at heart!

Tabitha Simmons worked  for Dolce&Gabbana for six years and have learned so much from them.

Top, Dolce&Gabbana

Necklace, Dolce&Gabbana

Tabitha Simmons loves Western clothes. Her favourite make is Nudie, found it at a vintage shop called Eye Candy in N.Y.C.. Although she has never worn the whole thing together, she loves it as she can wear it seperately on several occasions.

Top and Pants, Vintage

This bag is a gift from Dolce&Gabbana and it has Tabitha’s name engraved on the tag.

Bag, Dolce&Gabbana

Photo Credits: The Coveteur

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