10 Best Gift List for Father’s Day

For the cool dad, who admires Robert Redford’s style and is open-minded enough to return to the 60’s in a more contemporary way.

For the businessman dad, who appreciates the sense of smell and has a love for pure tobacco and the madagascar vanilla flavor.

For the all-time-classic dad who wears cufflinks and 3 piece suits in his everyday life and adores a luxury touch in his style.

For the tech savvy dad, who doesn’t leave home without his iPad but who also knows that fashion and technology always had a passionate relationship.

For the traveller dad, who wants everything organized in one kit to make his life easier and his skin smoother.

For the charming dad, who appreciates retro style and is willing to finish his look with a pair of avant grade sunglasses.

For the classic dad who never fails to wear top quality shoes, to make his steps softer and his way back home more stylish.

For the British lover dad, who understands that luxury comes with comfort and the rain jacket must always be from Burberry.

For the punctual with time dad, who goes crazy when you are late to your appointment on Sundays and time for him is everything.

For the short term traveler dad who goes away for working trips all the time to make his trip a pleasure and help him spot easily his bag in the airport.


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