Queen Calliope

The internationally acclaimed photographer Calliope opened the doors of her apartment for Netrobe and introduced to us her newly born project: the Queen Calliope fashion brand. Her apartment and her soul, full of colors, traveled us to India where she draws inspiration from. Sneak peek into Calliope’s closets and indulge in her unique style and bohemian elegance.

NR: Hello Calliope! Thanks for inviting us to your stunning home today! Every corner seems to be a magical discovery with unique references from your Hellenic heritage, but mostly with Indian influences. How did this journey and love affair begun for you?

QC: I have always been fascinated with the richness of traditions and old cultures. Greece and India are the two greatest examples and they inspire me very much, since I was a child.

NR: You are a world-renowned fashion and portrait photographer, Vogue collaborator, author, fashion and jewelry designer and most recently mother – all simultaneously. It seems like nothing stops you. What inspires you to go on and venture into new things all the time?

QC: I always has creative visions and a great need to express them. I am a consummate artist, I live and breath creativity and beauty. I cannon imagine my life without it. I paint, photograph, write, decorate, sing, make jewellery.

NR: You have a very distinct style, when dressing up. How would you describe it?

QC: I am a bohemian, an artist at heart. My way of dressing is my way of expressing that…unconventional yet creatively glamorous!

NR: How different or similar are your closets in New York, Athens and Patmos?

QC: My closets are similar everywhere…caftans in velvet, cotton, silk are a must! Ethnic antique jewellery too.

NR: Do you have any style icons?

QC: Lulu de la Falaise, Frida Kahlo, Duchess of Windsor, Audrey Hepburn.

NR: Where do you like to shop?

QC: I love shoping in the new york flea markets! I get so excited when I find unique beautiful pieces crafted with skill and quality!

NR: You recently launched your own fashion and jewelry label – Queen Calliope. It’s bold, colorful, bright, exotic and passionate like you. Can a woman wear you in her life everyday?

QC: Of course women can wear my things anytime, they don’t have to wear the look, but they can wear bits and pieces, a bag, a pair of of earrings, a shawl.

NR: What is your go-to item in your closet?

QC: My vintage bags.

NR: What would be a style tip for our readers, when it comes to jewelry? Less is more or the more the merrier?

QC: It could work both ways, depends on the mood.

NR: What are your thoughts on NETROBE?

QC: From the moment I was introduced to the practicality of this application, I loved it. I find it so useful for women to literally carry in their iPhone their whole wardrobe. It is so convenient to browse my drawers and closets and to organize everything with one click!

Photo Credits: Olga Migliaressi


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