In Jason Wu’s studio

Jason Wu is our new obsession..Take a sneak peak in his studio and learn his fashion secrets! Are you ready to take a tour?

Jason Wu in his studio, where he and his team have worked for two-and-a-half years.

Jason loves ornateness! These images from the book  Oro Plata: Embroidered Costumes of the Bullfight inspired his past collections.

Prints are a huge trend for this summer. Jason Wu collaborated with iconic graffiti artist KAWS to create this pop effect in his dresses.Get it here!

A sketch of a dress Wu designed for Cate Blanchett.

This 1930s German sewing machine was a gift from Jason Wu’s father.

As a self-proclaimed neat freak, even Wu’s motley collection is elegantly arranged. In addition to gifts from friends and objects he picked up at flea markets, a piece of the aged-mirror runway from his fall 2011 collection is also on display.

How chic is this floral blouse?

Samples of glass stones from Wu’s resort 2013 collection.

On the resort pieces, the glass embellishments he created with Swarovski Elements resemble jeweled insects..Gorgeous!

 How chic is this doll? She is wearing a miniature Jason Wu look from the house’s fall 2009 collection an dwas made for the Colette store in Paris..

Jason Wu takes skinny pants in the the next level adding them neon trims.

Jason Wu keeps a wall-sized scrapbook of personal notes and invitations pinned in his office.

Jason Wu at the break room where he and his staff gather for late-night dinners in the days leading up to fashion week. Behind him is a print from his first appearance in Vogue:a portrait with Caroline Trentini, shot by Norman Jean Roy in 2008.

His studio is like his second home, with fresh flowers, gray flannel drapes inspired by Geoffrey Beene and The New York Times Book Review section laid out on the kitchen table.

Chic and ladylike, this skirt is to die for! If you love it, make it yours here!

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