Marius Janusauskas’ sleeping beauties

We are pleased to introduce you the prominent Lithuanian designer Marius Janusauskas. Our latest discovery is a young man who have attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, just gained the Diesel award on his collection ‘ Sleeping Beauties’ as well as an internship in Diesel, at the at ITS (International Talent Support)  in Italy. A fashion genius-to-be, who creates amazing silhouettes and avant grade yet elegant and simple dresses, will soon be a must-have in every wardrobe. Enjoy his approach to fashion!

NR: Hello Marius and welcome to Netrobe. Congratulations on your recent Diesel award for your collection ‘Sleeping Beauties’. How do you imagine the woman who wears your designs?
She is the definition of perfection.
NR: Antwerp is the heart of international contemporary fashion. In what ways have you been influenced?
Fashion studying in Antwerp was my choice. I have been studied in Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp for four years where I was guided and trained by professionals. I believe that my personality and work have been marked by that school. Although I have a strong understanding of the style of my school, this does not mean that I cannot remain original or must frame my work within Belgian fashion only.
NR: ‘Sleeping beauties’ is an ultra feminine collection with a touch of avant gardism.  Where do you draw your inspiration from?
The collection is based upon the idea of deference: A girl is willing to make a sacrifice by falling into an eternal sleep in order that a woman may be awoken. This perfectly passive woman remains still throughout an era. Her vital colors are vanishing; she is turning into the undead. The only sign of life is her blood running through the stitches of her garments – she is trapped in time; time that is pleated into the front of her dresses. Her back is cold, minimal, clinical.
Although her body is full of promise, beneath her dress is a form constricted by corsets. Submissively, she waits to be awoken by a prince… a beast (a vampire), an elder, even a young woman, or an old man.
The collection was inspirited by the fairy-tale of The Sleeping Beauty, horror movies, the work of Madame Gres and sculptures by Pablo Atchugarry.
NR: Fashion has entered the digital world. How would you characterize the modern woman of the 21st century?
In my opinion modernity has a very strong link with futurism today. It has something to do with quality and time. Modern woman of the 21st century is a flawless flexible creature. By adapting to extreme body shapes, fashion styles and even different attitudes, every woman is capable to answer the request of many ideals.
NR: Do you have any style icons? 
I admire many people. But if I have to give some names I will think of my recent trip to Italy where I met Angelo Flaccavento, Deanna Ferretti, Marta de la Calzada and Alexandra.
NR: What are your favorite fashion designers?
I like the work of Raf Simons, Dries Van Noten, Miuccia Prada, Riccardo Tisci and many others.
NR: What is the most essential think in a woman’s closet?
A dress.
NR: What are your future plans?
I am exited about moving to Italy and starting my internship at Diesel.
NR: What are your thoughts on Netrobe?
Looks professionally done.

Photo Credits: Photographer – Dirk Alexander, Hair/ Make-up – Gino Beeckman/ Model : Celine @ ULLA models

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