10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2012

Are you guys ready for the best holiday of the year? Sandy or not, we can’t let our moods down! Some of you may have started the parties already, but tomorrow our Tricky moods officially start. Here’s the list of the 10 best Halloween Costumes for you this year, if you want to be on the trend! Re discover the most avant guard pieces in your wardrobe and decide who you want to be! Happy Halloween to all!


1. Topshop red Dress, 2. Warby and Parker glasses, 3. Repetto ballet flats, 4. Cambridge Saatchel

You know it’s fall season and we really love our shows! Jess from the New Girl is definitely our new soft spot when it comes to sitcoms. Most importantly she’s unique, quirky and fun! A perfect Halloween choice!



1. Leather corset, 2. Leather leggings, 3. Spiked Bracelet,  4. Catwoman mask, 5. YSL black boots

How can you do Halloween without the classics? Perfect opportunity to go all black leather and not look like you’re trying to hard right? This year you can pull the Catwoman off perfectly and stay on the trend and you have to thank Anne Hathaway for that! Don’t forget to add some red lipsticks. Men will be eating out the palm of your hands…



1. Marc Jacobs cardigan, 2. See by Chloe dress, 3. Straw bag, 4. Black headband, 5. Charlotte Olympia pumps

I don’t personally know a girl who is not secretly in love with the Hart of Dixie! We are all die-hard fans of Rachel Bilson from the OC days, but when we started watching the show… a new southern gal is who we fell in love with, because of her unique style obviously! She’s not only a young independent woman, but also very unpredictable and a great role model. So dare to be yourself!



1. Tie dye body, 2. Maddy Shades black, 3. Sheer top, 4. Velvet shorts 5. Platform spike boots

Nasty Gal is probably my online obsession for 2012… I love the whole style and femininity the Nasty Gals have  and how strong they appear to be. Founder Sophia Amoruso is definitely an inspiration… and because the Nasty style is not on my daily look, I’m thinking to go all out this Halloween. Boho hats, round black sunglasses, spiked platforms and all!



1. Silk blazer, 2. Crepe day dress, 3. Mulberry bag,  Ice Diamond Ring, 4. Jimmy Choo pumps

No need to say it was Princess Catherine’s year… After that glorious wedding, she stepped into the royal live as gracefully as can be. Mostly supporting British designers and her heritage, it’s easy to incorporate her style with a classic blue dress and jacket from Reis, a Mulberry tote and Jimmy Choo pumps. And oh! that ring of course!



1. Silk red gown, 2. Multi-stone earrings, 3. Fur coat, 4. Jimmy Choo sequined sandals, 5. Kotur clutch

If you haven’t watched the new James Bond movie yet, you’re really missing out. It’s Daniel Craig and Tom Ford suits in all their glory! But there’s really nothing interesting on James Bond without his girls. Silk long gowns, Amanda Wakeley style, where dramatic and had an Asian glamorous twist on them. So if you want a chic Halloween makeover! This is your chance!



1. Quay sunglasses, 2. Black bow tie, 3. Mango silk shirt, 4. ALC blazer, 5. Mango Suit Trousers, 6. Marni Silver leather brogues

Well, if you haven’t yet danced to Gangham Style then you’re really been living under a rock and missing out some awesome moves. Get fast back in the game by wearing the colorful tuxedo and some cool brogues and become the most liked person in the party. I guarantee you… that you’ll win the most fun costume, but only if you play the part!




1. Tibi top, 2. Givenchy boots, 3. Isabel marant pants, 4. Burberry Prorsum bag, 5. Gucci leather cuff

Some of you may not recognize, who Carly really is… yet none of you can’t not know the “Call Me Maybe” anthem of 2012. It’s fun, it’s catchy and you can dress up just the way you fancy! Just bring that Pop Star attitude along.



1. Stella McCartney bag, 2. Pierre Hardy boots, 3. Preen coat, 4. Yves Saint Laurent ring, 5. Kain sweater, 6. The Row skirt

You might thing that dressing up as Blair is over and done with… but it’s the season finale this year! What a better way than to pay tribute to your favorite Gossip Girl character? And who doesn’t love getting dressed up as a Gossip Girl?



1. 50 Shades of Grey

1. The Plum Dress 2. Agent Provocateur suspender belt 3. Agent Provocateur thong 4. Christian Louboutin leather spiked pumps 5. Artisan diamond earrings


And finally, my number one suggestion as the best Halloween costume is none other than Anastasia Steel on 50 shades of Grey. If you still in denial and have not read the book, well this might not be for you. But for the most part, all you need is a silk grey tie and a plum dress and then your imagination to play along. So go seduce ladies and have fun!



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