Robert Pattinson

This British heartrob star is already a fashion icon according to the GQ’ s list of the most stylish men next to big trendmakers such as Johnny Depp! His crazy and louzy hair is the best vampire hairstyle ever and his cool and rock street style makes a “bloodsucking” combination. Even when it comes to red carpet, his tuxedos aren’t the classic ones he prefers slim fit costumes with colours to improve his dark green eyes (right girls?). The Twilight movies are over and he is ready to show us his teeth, the real ones..


1. Aspesi cotton shirt  2. Ray-Ban clubmaster sunglasses  3.  The Elder Statesman hat  4.  Yves Saint Laurent t-shirt


1. Dolce & Gabbana velvet blazer  2.  Paul Smith wool blazer  3. Burberry Brit cotton blazer

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