Introducing to you NETROBE 2.0

It’s finally here! Just in time for Christmas… Your favorite virtual closet application is having its biggest make-over to date! I’m happy to announce you that NETROBE is going all social! Our application is allowing you to open up your closets to the world, share your style and become a fashion influencer among your friends and the community!

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It’s only because you spoke and we listened… Not only you told us that you want to share the experience of creating outfits with your friends and getting their opinion on the spot, but we also noticed all the creativity that was going on behind closed doors, which made us think you were born to be leaders of style! So in a nutshell, in our brand new update – NETROBE’s 2.0 version brings you its own social network, where you will be able to see what people are wearing right now, get a sneak peek in their closets and show off your style among fashionistas from across the world. Exciting so far?

Let me show you how it works…

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How to guide - build your closet online - netrobe fashion app

Start by creating a profile and letting people know more about you! You can add your blog or favorite site and a few words about who you are or what you love. Then, you’re off to the serious stuff! If you’re using NETROBE for the first time, the fun will start once you’ve started building your wardrobe. You don’t have to do it all at once! Just upload a few of your things step by step. You’d be surprised by how addicted you’re going to get with it!

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What you need to do to build your wardrobe is to start by photographing an item with a camera or through your phone. Hit save and then select which category the item belongs to or create a new one. Then, NETROBE gives you the option to remove the unwanted clutter. For instance, what I do is hang my clothes on my doorknob and photograph them. The editing makes me feel like I’m a professional photographer and its fun. I remove the background with the circle tool or the magic wand and then I crop out the hanger’s teeth out of my skirt. For more tips on how-to photograph your clothes, see our previous posts here.

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And voila! You have now saved your item into your online closet and can browse through your entire collection.

Post what you are wearing-item-outfit-look-netrobe

Now, it’s time to show off what you got! Tap on the status bar on your activity feed and answer NETROBE’s question “What are you wearing?“. You can post an item from your wardrobe, an outfit you created or a look.  

Now that you’ve shared your style, wait and see what your friends think about your looks and if they loved it! Try out our new app now and invite your friends to join you! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it! xoxo

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