Valia Gabriel – The Sandals Queen

We are thrilled to introduce you our new favorite sandals designer… Valia Gabriel, who talks exclusively on Netrobe about her minimal designs.  Valia’s sandals have conquered the fashion world in a heart beat and we are so happy to have her on board! Valia for years used her own foot as a matrix in order to create exactly what she liked to wear, that could not be found on the market! Sewing leather around it and adding up embellishments became a hobby and then a full time job!

Valia travels frequently to Italy and Holland from the Bahamas where she currently resides, discovering the best quality of nubuck leather for her designs and then travels to Greece where she inspects the careful production process. We so love her current collection as well as the limited edition Manhattan sandals! Much of her inspiration is drawn from books and museums of ancient greek and roman history and this is why these sandals are unique with a touch of luxurious minimalism and sophistication! We wish her best of luck in her next collection which is actually in the making!

The Valia Gabriel sandals are available in Vancouver, The Bahamas in The Sugar Mill Boutique, Los Angeles, Greece and through the online store We Create Harmony.

Valia Gabriel Saline

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Valia Gabriel sandals_grey

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Valia Gabriel sandals

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Valia Gabrial Sandals

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