Your online personal stylist by Netrobe

We are pleased to announce you our new service GETSTYLED by Netrobe. NETROBE is offering its members a personalized solution on how to dress better, shop smarter and the opportunity to GetStyled by professional stylists for any event, trip or assist you on what to buy at your next shopping spree within just 48 hours sent directly to their mailbox. Shopping and styling become part of an entertaining process and all one needs to do is answer a simple 3-step questionnaire, paying a fee of just $10. NETROBE is not just your online wardrobe anymore… but your online personal fashion consultant and personal shopper 24/7 available at your fingertips.


Let NETROBE’s personal stylists use their magic to create the best outfits for a flawless look. While fashion is at its loudest, retail shopping has become more and more hectic due to the wide range of options, NETROBE offers an option that will take the pressure of choice while making you look gorgeous at any moment.


Experience now your online personal stylist.

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