Introducing you the Twin Tales by NETROBE

We’re so happy to announce you our latest collaboration with our favorite twin duo, Nef & Nat of Twin Fashion blog. Take a look at the pilot episode of Twin Tales and subscribe to the youtube channel “TheTwinTales“.

Netrobe has always been inspired by the latest street fashion and by fashion bloggers. They have the pulse, they are real and they give us million ideas of what to wear now. As lovely as we can’t keep up with their blogs, we know that we want more. So that’s why we decided that taking a step further and getting styling tips straight from the source is the way to go. Just like our new service “Get Styled by NETROBE” does and gives you styling advice on what to wear at your upcoming events, we thought that it would be interesting to get advice from real fashion bloggers as well. We couldn’t think of anyone more enjoyable to watch, more succesful at their own right and more on the trend that Nef and Nat of Twin Fashion. Enjoy… we’re waiting to hear your styling requests!!

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