Interview with Leivan Kash’s Leila Kashanipour

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We are so pleased to meet with Leila Kashanipour of Leivan Kash jewellery today. Leila is apart from the designer of the most covetable fashion jewellery at the moment she is a fashion icon herself. Discover what makes her tick and shop her collection below.




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NR: When and why did you decide to become a jewellery designer?

LK: Initially my plans were to study chemistry and fine art. I love to paint and I was really interested in art restoration. My goal then was to study at an American university, major in Art and do a minor in Chemistry but then things changed as they always do… I applied for a foundation course at Central St Martins then during my foundation year I realized my real passion thanks to a 1 week  jewellery making course and here we are now.

NR: Before launching your own brand, you were working for major international jewellery brands including Asprey and Stephen Webster. What made you decide to set up on your own?

LK: I really wanted to get a full time job and work with the design team (at one of those brands) but they were already full. So I decided to set up my own thing and I could not have been happier  because with my own brand, I  can do things as I like and as I see best. I can stay true to myself and design what I would wear.

NR: Some of your pieces are quite bold, what do you feel is the key to statement jewellery?

LK: The wearer’s confidence and personal sense of style.

NR: Your jewellery have been worn from the likes of Cara Delevingne and Olivia Palermo. Congrats to this undeniable success. How do you describe the woman who wear your designs?

LK: I do believe, that my collections have something to offer for every type of woman. Every piece can be dressed up for a special occasion or down for everyday life. It’s really up to the wearer’s choice and mood.

NR: Do you have any style icons yourself?

LK: I love Giovanna Battaglia, she is my ultimate girl crush. She doesn’t do anything wrong. For me, she is just everything! So beautiful, chic, daring, appropriate for her age, fun but she breathes fashion. I admire her very much. She wows me. What she wears doesn’t feel forced. Some of the IT girls seem like they are uncomfortable in what they’re wearing. With Giovanna, it just flows. I like it when people stay true to their style and I think Sarah Jessica Parker does this too.

NR: Which are your favourite designers at the moment?

LK: Alessandra Rich for evening dresses along with the classic  Celine and  Saint Laurent. For more easy/casual looks I like Carven and Isabel Marant.

NR: What are the essentials in your closet? the three most used pieces/your favourite pieces? 

LK: It changes from season to season however currently is my LVK clutch bags  in collaboration with the designer L’Afshar and my leather biker jackets, in particular my forest green Celine one.

NR: Why do you like/use Netrobe?

LK: I like the concept of being inspired by other people’s look and being able to share your own outfits. It’s fun!

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