Hello Everyone!

As long as I can remember myself, I always wanted to create different stylish outfits everyday, but looking at my cramped closet was never anything less but overwhelming.
I decided to solve this by creating an app, called NETROBE that would take my closet online and style outfits– Clueless style! I now carry my wardrobe online everywhere I go, mix and match better looking outfits, while building a timeless closet.

NETROBE has now grown into a fashionable social community, where people share what they are wearing, create outfits and shop online.

NETROBE’s blog shares daily inspirations on how to dress, the latest street style trends and features NETROBE’s tastemakers for you to follow.

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in any collaborations or simply have questions about the NETROBE web and mobile applications.

Christina Plakopita
Founder & CEO